John Moore Bibliography

John was a prolific writer and occasionally, new minor works of his are still discovered. However, we believe the titles here to be a complete list of his writings and appreciation of them by others. The most famous of his books were all published after 1945 and were once a staple of every public library - particularly ‘The Brensham Trilogy’ - while his earlier works are now quite hard to find.
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  • UK Editions - pre 1945
    Dixon's Cubs (JM Dent, 1930)
    Dear Lovers (J.M. Dent, 1931)
    Tramping through Wales (J.M. Dent, 1931)
    The Book of the Fly Rod
      with H.T. Sheringham (Eyre & Spottiswoode, 1931)
    English Comedy (J.M. Dent, 1932)
    King Carnival (J.M. Dent, 1933)
    The Walls are Down (J.M. Dent, 1933)
    The Welsh Marches (Chapman & Hall, 1933)
    The New Forest (Chapman & Hall, 1934)
    Country Men (J.M. Dent, 1935)
    The Angler’s Weekend Book
      with E. Taverner (Seeley Service, 1935)
    Overture, Beginners (J.M. Dent, 1936)
    Clouds of Glory (J.M. Dent, 1937)
    The Cotswolds (Chapman & Hall, 1937)
    A Walk through Surrey (Chapman & Hall, 1939)
    The Countryman’s England (Seeley Service, 1939)
    The Life and Letters of Edward Thomas
      (Heinemann, 1939)
    Wits End (J.M. Dent, 1942)
    The Fleet Air Arm (Chapman & Hall, 1943)
    Escort Carrier (Hutchinson 1944)
    The Navy and the ‘Y’ Scheme (HMSO, 1944)
  • UK Editions - post 1945
    * Portrait of Elmbury (Collins, 1945)
    * Brensham Village (Collins, 1946)
    * The Blue Field (Collins, 1948)
    (ed.) Whitbread Craftsmen (Whitbread & Co., 1948)
    Dance and Skylark (Collins, 1951)
    Tiger, Tiger (Collins, 1953)
    Midsummer Meadow (Collins, 1953)
    The White Sparrow (Collins, 1954)
    The Season of the Year (Collins, 1954)
    The Boys’ Country Book (Collins, 1955)
    Come Rain, Come Shine (Collins, 1956)
    September Moon (Collins, 1957)
    Jungle Girl (Collins, 1958)
    Man and Bird and Beast (Collins, 1959)
    You English Words (Collins, 1961)
    The Elizabethans (A play) A dramatic anthology
      (Samuel French 1962)
    The Year of the Pigeons (Collins, 1963)
    Best Fishing Stories (Faber & Faber, 1965)
    The Waters Under the Earth (Collins, 1965)
    * ‘The Brensham Trilogy’
  • American First Editions
    Raven Rough (Houghton Mifflin Co., 1931)
      re-titled version of Dear Lovers
    The Fair Field (Simon & Schuster, 1946)
      re-titled version of Portrait of Elmbury
    Among the Quiet Folks (Lippincott, 1967)
  • Biography
    John Moore – True Countryman by David Cole
    (Aldine Print 2007) ISBN 978-0-9543585-1-8)
    Paperback – 244 pages – 19 b/w illustrations
  • Collection
    A Pocketful of Acorns (Feb 2010)
      A selection of the country articles of John Moore, edited by Phillip Robbins.
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